At All Things in Nature, my primary focus is on Garden Design and Coaching. I am also are happy to provide services that allow you to enjoy your garden year round. If there is a garden task you're interested in that is not listed below, please call at (719) 481-5659 or contact me to see if I can help you out.

Garden Design
  • New Construction
  • Existing Garden improvement
  • Total Garden makeovers
Garden Plans
  • Formal Garden and Landscape Planning
  • Informal sketches for those wanting only basic design ideas
  • Plant lists for those of you wanting to know what grows in your area with your growing conditions
  • Personal Garden Shopper - Plant Selection, Purchase, Delivery and Planting
  • Transplanting and Dividing 
  • Help you with planting vegetable, herb and perennial gardens
Garden Consultation and Coaching
  • Plant Identification - whether weed, native, or nursery grown.
  • Planting Education - I want to help you understand and enjoy creating low maintenance, waterwise gardens and ecosystem friendly gardens and landscapes.
  • Pest Problems.
  • Growth Problems.
  • General Gardening help - I am a firm believer in the "hands-on" approach to gardening - the more you know, the more you will love to create more gardens.
  • Environmental Problems - solutions for poor drainage, poor soil, elements exposure, and short growing season.
  • Designing to sell: simple tasks to make your outside areas ready and beautiful!
Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • Gardens can be as small as 4 x 4, or as large as you want to go
  • Raised Bed, Square Foot,  or Lasagna Style gardens - no tilling required
  • Let me show you how and help you build it
  • Vegetables and herbs can also be easily incorporated into perennial planting areas with great results.
Garden Construction - Teach you how to build it
  • Garden beds - raised or ground level
  • Rock gardens
  • Dry stream beds
  • Dry laid flagstone, gravel or paver pathways
Garden Maintenance Coaching
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup Task Lists and Classes as well as personally coming to your house to show you how!
  • Garden Maintenance Task Lists including how tos on deadheading, pest prevention, weeding, garden cleanup.
  • One-on-One training on the best methods to keep your garden looking the way you want to with less work then you ever thought!
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