What is WaterWise Gardening?

Waterwise gardening refers to designing gardens using groups of plants that have similar water needs.  It does not mean that you must only use plants that need little or no supplemental water.  By grouping plants according to their water requirements, it is more likely that the plants in the garden will get precisely the amount of water necessary for flourishing growth.

How do I know which plants grow well in my area?

There are many references and websites that can provide you this information, if you are willing to do some research, reading, and spend the time.  Some are listed on the sidebars.

Why should we switch to more natural gardening methods?

I believe it is in the best interests of my clients to use the most environmentally friendly solution to any gardening problem. I will always look first to a natural solution, but recognize the importance of chemical solutions where appropriate. Many planting problems can be avoided by practicing proven planting techniques for our area.

Why should I plan my gardens first?

Having a garden plan or design will help you in many ways - long term planning, estimating the garden upkeep and maintenance costs and time, a better overall flow of color and design, and generally lower overall cost of ownership.  Garden design takes many things into account including microclimate, client's overall budget, surrounding environment, design constraints, and client concerns.

Why should I consider removing or reducing my lawn?

Residents along the Colorado Front Range, like others in the semi-arid western mountain states, need to show a  responsible use of our precious water resources.  Reducing and/or eliminating large expanses of lawn area, especially those containing Kentucky Blue Grass, results in far less water usage, less chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, and less maintenance for the home owner.  Removing your lawn does not mean you have to replace it with gravel.  There are many beautiful plant alternatives, and even less thirsty grass alternatives.
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